“Even Richard Nixon Has Got Soul”

A great lyric, and perhaps an expression of bottomless Christian charity, because if Nixon had it, there’s not a one of us doesn’t. One of the many wonderful details in Rick Perlstein’s compulsively readable Nixonland is the following memo “To: Mrs. Nixon “From: The President”:

It wasn’t a love note. “With regard to RN’s room, what would be the most desirable is an end table like the one on the right side of the bed which will accommodate TWO dictaphones as well as a telephone…. In addition, he needs a bigger table on which he can work at night.”


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Sunday Presidential Song Blogging

Neil Young: “Campaigner.” “Even Richard Nixon has got soul”: a lovely line, even if it’s hard to make sense of the rest of the lyrics. And hey, the Godfather of Soul endorsed Tricky Dick’s ’72 reelection campaign, so maybe he did.

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