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Off to Philly

I’m off to promote the book in Philadelphia. I’ll be speaking at UPenn tonight, where just a couple of weeks ago Hillary Clinton gave a speech in which she said “We need a president who is ready on Day 1 to be commander in chief of our economy.” Jawohl, mein president!

That reminds me, I’m just getting used to WordPress, and I inadvertently deleted a comment downblog that accused me of a Godwin’s Law violation. To the commenter: sorry about that, and please post it again if you’d like.


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You Had Me at “Live Lobsters”

So my dad, who, like me, is a fan of pulpy noir detective novels and shows, sends me an email telling me to set my Tivo for this. I click the link and read:

In the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh, corrupt cop Brendan McCabe is being drowned in a tank of live lobsters.

That is perhaps the best sentence I’ve ever read.

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