Cato Plans “Takeover” of Cato

On top of yesterday afternoon’s statement from David Koch (about which more later) comes this morning’s press release from the Kochs. “In an attempt to execute their own takeover plan…. board members supportive of Ed Crane voted as a block to change the bylaws and reinstate four past board members.”

Those four longtime board members were ousted by Charles and David Koch at the March 1 shareholders’ meeting.  That same day, Charles insisted to the press that:  “We seek no ‘takeover.’”

Now, since the Kochs reactivated the shareholders’ agreement, they’ve packed our board with people financially entangled with and/or answerable to the Kochs, including Koch Industries’ largest shareholders, a VP at the Koch Foundation, and an authorized spokesperson for Koch Industries. Nominees to the board that they were unable to elect include:  the executive vice president of Koch Industries; a staff lawyer for Koch Industries; a staff lawyer for the Charles Koch Foundation; and a former Director of Federal Affairs for Koch Industries.  (Not to worry, though, in his March 8 statement, Charles Koch said he sought to elect “officers and board members [who] would act independently from me or any other individual.”)

So, you see, it’s not a ‘takeover’ to pack the board with Koch functionaries; it’s a ‘takeover’ when you restore the independent board members the Kochs kicked off

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  1. Posted by: Douglas Willinger - 03/24/2012

    Perhaps it was taken over as looked at from any angle:

  2. Posted by: Joe Strummer - 03/24/2012

    Besides the building, what is there to save? Give up the building. Have everyone move to a different location with a different name, and launch a group blog. Honestly, beyond blogging, what value does Cato provide?

  3. Posted by: Andrew - 03/25/2012

    Let’s see, Joe. Cato scholars were instrumental in major Supreme Court victories over habeas corpus, the second amendment, and personal liberty (check out this list: That sounds like a lot just by itself. They are in the media regularly arguing for limited government on a very wide range of issues (check out this list, to take just one bit of media work: I could go on.

  4. Posted by: Richard - 03/25/2012

    Joe, Cato provides a LOT more value than ‘blogging’. They hold conferences (Ben Bernanke announced new Fed transparency initiatives at a Cato conference in 2010, IIRC), the teach students through Cato University, they educate policymakers by sponsoring briefings on Capitol Hill and providing testimony to Congressional committees, they publish op-eds in major newspapers, and, of course, they appear on TV. All of THESE things occur AFTER the experts do a lot of research and writing. I’m sure Gene can do a much better job than I of detailing all the publications Cato produces each year, from popular to academic and everything in between.
    No organization anywhere does as much to promote libertarianism. Period.
    It has taken decades to build Cato to its present level of respectability even among partisans of the left and right. Cato is, effectively, a brand.

  5. Posted by: alex - 03/27/2012

    I am a young Kenyan, I know and I appreciate what CATO does, because realy, CATO is a treasure trove of alternate ideas and I love that about them.

  6. Posted by: Sued Again! | Koch v. Cato - 04/11/2012

    […] I’ve pointed out before (“Cato Plans ‘Takeover’ of Cato”), this is interesting logic: “So, you see, it’s not a ‘takeover’ to pack the board with […]

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