The Pogo Principle

The public wants to fend off our impending fiscal apocalypse by (1) cutting the space program (less than $18 billion) and (2) raising taxes on booze and cigarettes. That’ll cover it.

Posted on May 24, 2009 in Human Nature | Comments

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  1. Posted by: Jonathan Goff - 05/25/2009

    While I agree that most people have no idea how little of the federal budget NASA gets, and while I’m actually a space fanatic (enough so that I’ve been working at a rocket startup in Mojave, CA for five years now), I think that some well placed cuts might actually do NASA some good. Right now NASA is a poster-child for public choice theory. Most of the manned space money is spent based on keeping the right number of butts in cafeteria seats in Florida, Alabama, and Texas–not on what would actually advance the state of spaceflight in a way that would benefit the American public. I’d rather see a smaller, less well-fed NASA that was able to be operated more for the public benefit than for the personal benefit of a handful of Congresscritters and Senators.


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