Back to Blogging. Maybe.

obama-supermanSorry to shock you if I’m still in your news aggregator, but since we have a new president, I guess I should start blogging again. It’s only been six months. In the interim I’ve been reasonably busy, blogging (occasionally) at Cato@Liberty, doing a good bit of speaking, and writing a weekly column for the Washington Examiner. Oh yeah, and the paperback edition of Cult of the Presidency just came out, featuring a new “Afterword on the Obama Presidency.”

My greatest regret is that I had to write the Afterword in the first few weeks after Inauguration, before it had become clear how massively BHO would cave on civil liberties, and so the Afterword doesn’t do enough to squelch any lingering sense of Hope. Oh well, I did predict the sellout in the post below and elsewhere.

My next prediction, for reasons explained here and in the Afterword, is that Barack Obama, despite current appearances, will end up being one of the least popular presidents of the modern era. But what do I know? As a larval pundit in 1996, I told anyone who’d listen that Phil Gramm would be our next president, and it turned out that America didn’t want a surly bald guy who’d dabbled in financing soft-core porn. So take my political prognostications with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, I think I’m right about this one.

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  1. Posted by: Joe - 05/21/2009

    Glad you’re back. Any chance you could post a link whenever you publish something elsewhere? Even if you don’t produce much original content here, a single place that I can go to find your writings would be great.

  2. Posted by: Gene Healy - 05/23/2009

    Sure, will do.

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