Taming Executive Power: No He Can’t

I’m in the Orange County Register today with a piece on why Obama won’t end the Imperial Presidency:

There was always something difficult to swallow in the notion that a man running as the reincarnation of JFK could be relied upon to end the Imperial Presidency. Barack Obama has done more than any candidate in recent memory to raise expectations for the office, expectations that were extraordinarily high to begin with. Over the course of the 20th century, more and more Americans looked to the president to perform miracles, from “managing the economy,” to warding off hurricanes and providing seamless protection from foreign threats. As responsibility flowed to the center, the presidency grew far more powerful than the framers of our Constitution had ever intended it to be. We shouldn’t be surprised then, if, during an Obama administration the Audacity of Hope gives rise to the Arrogance of Power.

Also, I really liked J.D. Tucille’s review of Cult and Bad for Democracy: How the Presidency Undermines the Power of the People by Dana D. Nelson. Tucille writes:

What kind of president will the winner of November’s national popularity contest be? If history is any judge, the nation’s next chief executive, whether Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain, will be something of a monster.


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