Me, Me, Me, Me

Here I am from a conference at the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover from back in May. I uhhh gotta work on my uhhhs, but otherwise I think it comes across ok.

I’m answering questions over at LibraryThing, which, I recently learned, is run by an old friend from college.

And Matt Yglesias gave the book a nice shout-out last week. Thanks, Matt!

Posted on Sep 23, 2008 in Asides, Cult of the Presidency | Comments

6 Responses to “Me, Me, Me, Me”

  1. Posted by: Greg N. - 09/23/2008

    No one is doing a better job exposing the utter ridiculousness of politics than you, Gene. Great work; keep it up.

  2. Posted by: Jeremy Lott - 09/26/2008

    I love the double take from a few of the people in the audience when you bust out the Mike Huckabee fat joke.

  3. Posted by: Tom - 09/27/2008

    Nice work. The joke about Huckabee was classic.

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