Contra Palinmania

Comment of the day on this Hit and Run thread:

Doug | September 16, 2008, 11:42am | #

A guy walks into a bar and orders a drink. Then another. Then another. Eight drinks later he hits on the hot chick sporting the moose rifle and hockey skates and succeeds in taking her home for the night. Next morning he wakes up next to McCain.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal today with the story of how Great Libertarian Hope Sarah Palin fought to preserve a state-owned creamery (!) and installed one of her buddies as its head.


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  1. Posted by: Eric Dondero - 09/16/2008

    Ahh, geez. Sarah Palin is not a Perfect 100% Libertarian. She’s only moderately libertarian. I guess that means we Libertarians should just sit out the election, huh? Or maybe stomp our feet on the ground, whine and vote for a Fascist like Obama, so everything can go to pot. Than later we can pick up all the pieces and really live in Liber-topia. Good thinking!

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