Sorry for the Radio Silence

I’ve been out of town, in Las Vegas, America’s Museum of Obesity, a sprawling, endless Epcot Center for Drunks. In some ways it’s the Platonic form of America, in others a horrid, weirdly Soviet atmosphere that amplifies our country’s worst qualities. I’d never before seen people ride those “Rascal” mobility carts, not because they’re handicapped, but because they’re fat and lazy. Since I returned, I’ve been buried in work. I wish I had a Rascal with a laptop tray, so I could get work done on the commute home.

But back to self-promotion: Jim Antle, late of the American Conservative, now with the American Spectator, just wrote a nice review of Cult in the Washington Times. Thanks, Jim! (I can’t track down your email).


Posted on Jul 16, 2008 in Asides, Cult of the Presidency | Comments

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