It’s Midnight in America

You could be excused for getting that vibe from this McCain campaign video, what with its vaguely X-Files-esque theme music and apocalyptic imagery (am I the only one who finds the little girl picking flowers reminiscent of “Daisy” the famous anti-Goldwater ad from the ’64 campaign?). The Teddy Roosevelt tape is from TR’s unhinged speech to the 1912 Progressive Party convention, a speech that ends “we stand at Armageddon–and we battle for the Lord!”

Election 2008: the Messiah vs. the Prophet of Doom. Sigh. Whatever happened to normalcy? Where have you gone Warren Harding? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

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One Response to “It’s Midnight in America”

  1. Posted by: Casey Khan - 07/31/2008

    I must have really been blind years ago with my love of the presidency. Along with my 80’s upbringing of Van Halen and Star Wars toys, I was a real worshiper of TR, Nixon (he went to china, whatever that meant), and Reagan. I really believed hype of these men, plus praising them pissed off my idiotic teachers. I didn’t realize how bad a presidential cultist I was in my youth until this year. And every American has a touch of the presidential bug in them, even libertarians are guilty of Jefferson worship. Whenever I see McCain’s prophecies or Obama’s messianism, my initial reaction is that I can’t believe that America has come to this. But now I’m starting to see, this is how it has been for quite a long time, if not since George Washington.

    Maybe we should be longing for the days of the Presidents of the Articles of Confederation. Richard Henry Lee, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. What the heck, we would probably have been better off just sending tithes to the king.

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