If I were remotely tech-savvy or good at Google, I’d know the answer to this question, but: where on my Amazon home page can I get a full list of my highlights and clippings from the Kindle? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the highlight feature to flag Imperial Presidency-related articles and passages from the NYT and WaPo. I read somewhere that Amazon stored your Kindle highlights and clippings, and it would be really useful, work-and-blog wise if I could get them on my laptop or, even better, print or cut and paste them. Any help appreciated, thanks.


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  1. Posted by: Jerry Brito - 06/12/2008

    See this page, especially last paragraph:


    I might be getting one soon. Woo-hoo.

  2. Posted by: Greg N. - 06/12/2008

    I’m having trouble pulling the trigger on actually buying a Kindle. Even though people who read more than I do have endorsed the thing, I’ve somehow convinced myself I’ll stop reading if I get one, or, I’ll just keep reading bound books and the Kindle will be a waste.

    Has your reading level stayed the same? What about the real-time enjoyment of reading? I think you posted about this once already, but all things considered, and after having it for a while: should I get one?

  3. Posted by: Alan Gura - 06/12/2008

    I’ve got the Sony Reader, which has its advantages and disadvantages relative to the Kindle. It’s probably a wash in the end, whichever you get.

    I find myself favoring the e-book format wherever it’s available, unless there is some huge price disparity between a readily available good used bound copy and the sony store price for the e-book. The e-book is a better reading experience. Much easier to travel with. Also a recent move lessened the attraction of continuing to stockpile dead-tree books. Alas, not everything is available in e-book format, so it can’t be the end of dead-tree purchasing. But, where possible, the e-book is the way to go.

  4. Posted by: Gene - 06/12/2008

    I agree with Alan: the reading experience is better. That was the biggest surprise, because portability is what sold me, and I thought I’d miss paper. The only things for which paper is better is the sort of book where you really want to consult the footnotes and mark it up.

    I find that I read more, but what I read has changed, since in most cases I’d prefer to read on Kindle, and the selection is not yet what it should be.

  5. Posted by: Greg N. - 06/12/2008

    Thanks, guys. I’m doing it.

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