Dude, Try a Snapple

Today’s Post:

Once Obama hit the campaign trail full time, getting Honest Tea into his hands became more difficult. The matter escalated in January, when after the South Carolina primary an Obama aide, who called after the candidate’s staff had just driven two hours to procure the goods for her boss, contacted Honest Tea spokesman Dale Crowell.

The aide wanted to know whether the company would help her more easily find Honest Tea in far-flung places. Also, did Honest Tea have any drinks without caffeine? The senator wanted to stay healthy on the road.

Crowell suggested Black Forest Berry. A few days later, the Obama aide e-mailed Crowell: “We tried this last night. He liked it.”

It’s been all Black Forest Berry since then. Crowell has directed campaign officials to natural food stores in Utah, Idaho, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania and places in between.

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