Book Signing and Happy Hour

If you’re in DC, swing by the Rocket Bar in Chinatown at 6 PM for the America’s Future Foundation Happy Hour, featuring brief remarks by me, and a book signing. I will be pertinent, but I promise not to be sobering.

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  1. Posted by: Michael Morrison - 06/28/2008

    Mr. Healy, your appearance on C-SPAN showed you to be an excellent proponent for your book, your ideas, your self.
    You were, simply, GREAT!
    You handled the few negative calls (even the one I heard from a Bushevik moron) with aplomb.
    My only complaint is that I did not tune in sooner.
    Mr. Healy, you gave a superlative performance.
    I wish I had the money to buy your book. I know it is an important contribution to the world of ideas.
    Yours sincerely,
    Michael Morrison

  2. Posted by: Gene - 06/29/2008

    Thanks! The whole thing’s up on the c-span site, and try Amazon used-books for a bargain price.

  3. Posted by: business - 07/22/2012

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  4. Posted by: Leatha Sienicki - 07/29/2012

    Sorry Alex typo on my part… case of fingers faster than my brain.

  5. Posted by: Lou Jackon - 02/05/2013

    It’s not torture for most of these conserva-queens. The closeted lifestyle is a fetish. Anonymous hookups, the fear of getting caught, public sex with complete strangers — it all adds to the thrill.

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