The Literary Offenses of David Brooks

David Brooks’s latest, a disquisition on the difference between ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds,’ is cringe-inducing throughout, the sort of chatty exercise in pointless faux-hipness that makes you long for the cool logic of Maureen Dowd and the mellifluous metaphors of Thomas Friedman, but it was the following sentence that nearly made me swear off reading entirely:

Barack Obama has become the Prince Caspian of the iPhone hordes.

Why? Why??


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18 Responses to “The Literary Offenses of David Brooks”

  1. Posted by: PJ Doland - 05/24/2008

    I don’t know…Friedman’s usually a lot worse.

    You should read Matt Taibbi’s scathing review of The World Is Flat.

  2. Posted by: Kevin B. O'Reilly - 05/24/2008

    Yeah, P.J.’s right. Brooks’s column is just one more bit of evidence to show the world is becoming flatter.

  3. Posted by: Jerry Brito - 05/25/2008

    It seems to me Brooks read this ( ) article in last month’s Wired and pulled a Doris Kearns Goodwin.

  4. Posted by: Gene - 05/26/2008

    Yeah, I was being sarcastic re: Dowd and Friedman. Love the Taibbi piece.

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