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I resisted social networking sites for a long time. Part of me still wants to, because grown men shouldn’t be “throwing sheep” at each other or doing anything that involves the verb “twitter,” and because even the sign-up page for Facebook is irksome, using “utility” as a noun. But resistance is useless. You will be assimilated.


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  1. Posted by: Tim Lee - 05/31/2008

    I’m a fan. Welcome to the 21st century.

    I’m confused about what’s wrong with using “utility” as a noun, though. Most of the non-computer-jargon uses for the word that I can think of (“Electric utility”, “marginal utility”) are nouns. In fact, your own book has a quote on page 169 in which “utility” is used as a noun: “military power was poison, one not without its occasional utility.”

  2. Posted by: Kevin B. O'Reilly - 05/31/2008

    I must strongly second Tim’s point. See:

  3. Posted by: Gene - 05/31/2008

    Fine, electric utility. Can you think of another “social utility”? “Our company softball team is a social utility where you can interact with your coworkers in an informal setting.” Ugh. Right now I’m heading out to my college reunion, which is a social utility where you can proactively interface with former classmates.

  4. Posted by: Greg N. - 05/31/2008

    On another topic, what do you think of MMA on CBS, Gene?

  5. Posted by: Gene - 06/02/2008

    Didn’t see it, but I sure do love Gina Carano.

  6. Posted by: Greg N. - 06/02/2008

    Amen to that. She stole the show. Kimbo Slice looks like he might be overrated…

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