It’s Chinatown, Jake

Incidentally, for anyone who happens to be in San Francisco tomorrow, I’m going to be speaking at a reception sponsored by the Pacific Research Institute, details here.

Man, this is a great city. Among other things, it has a real Chinatown, not like D.C.’s half-assed, two-block version with a Fuddruckers, a Ruby Tuesday’s, and a Hooters complete with a sign in Chinese characters (reading “Owl Restaurant,” apparently).

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  1. Posted by: Nicholas Weininger - 04/22/2008

    Cool! I’m otherwise occupied already, or I’d totally be there.

    Do note that although SF Chinatown is real, it is not the best place to find good Chinese food; too much of it has been tourist-ified. For the good stuff you want the area of Geary + Clement between roughly 20th and 25th avenues. Ton Kiang has been a reliable fave for me.

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